The benefits of Xero were clear to Enticing Candles, however the setup was more complex than anticipated and transactional volume quickly swamped the system. Rainmaker Partners re-laid the foundation and Enticing Candles are now ready for their next phase of growth.

“We knew that cloud accounting was the future, we didn’t realise how complex it was going to be to set it up just right for our business. We had Xero, however it really wasn’t working for us and we had no line of sight through our raw materials usage, let alone our numbers in Xero. I was about to travel Europe for 4 months and needed to be able to review the data while I was on the move.”

Enticing Candles manufactures and sells handmade candles. The major sales channel is through their online store, taking multiple payment methods. At busy times of the year there could be hundreds of transactions per week. Business owner Michael wanted to be able to keep track of materials costs and revenue.

After meeting to understand the business, Rainmaker Partners recommended a phased approach. The first phase was to re-implement Xero correctly and completely in Michael’s business, and train his general manager. This meant:

  • Tidying up some legacy bank accounts
  • Liaising with Michael’s accountant to work through the accounting elements behind the scenes
  • Streamlining the business’ payment methods
  • Loading budgets
  • Setting up bank rules which greatly reduced the time to reconcile large volumes of transactions
  • Auto-super was setup, moving the laborious job of payroll into the 21st century. It now complies with all regulations, and enables employees to access their own pay slips online using a secure Payroll login.


With Xero operating effectively, the business (and most importantly, Michael) can:

  • Access live information anywhere;
  • See how the business is tracking against budget;
  • Track the cost of materials used in the manufacturing process;
  • Reduce the time required to administer payroll;
  • Reduce the time required to keep business records up to date and relevant.

Michael now feels confident that the business is built on a solid foundation that can be scaled up efficiently as required.

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