Rainmaker Partners helped Pure Plumbing SA avoid all of the business start-up challenges; jobs not getting paid, trade accounts blowing out, not knowing how much money was needed at any point in time.

“My smart device is now a tool I put in my van every morning, I never thought an accounting system could work with my business so smoothly, and give me the information I need instantly at my fingertips. I can take card payments at the customer’s house before I do the work – no more chasing payments – and all my accounts are up to date every day.”

After years of gaining skills and knowledge in plumbing, Geoff grew tired of long hours and no time with his family. It was time for him to branch out and start his own business. Whilst a very accomplished plumber, by his own admission Geoff is no business expert.

The nature of plumbing requires travel to different customers and different locations every day so accessing data from anywhere is vital. Keeping track of finances is important to Geoff, balancing his cash flow is a part of daily life that now only takes minutes.

After meeting with the Rainmaker Partners, the key challenges were identified and a solution was prepared. Using Xero and Square, this combination gave Geoff the ability to:

  • Use his smart device to take credit and debit card payments anywhere
  • Track larger jobs whilst quickly taking payment for the smaller ones
  • Pre load costs making quoting and invoicing quick and efficient
  • Come home at the end of the day, put his device on charge and spend quality time with his family.


The Outcome

As a result of the implementation for Pure Plumbing SA:

  • Geoff collects payments on the spot (saving him from having to follow up)
  • The business has reduced accounting fees, as his accountant can dial into Xero and finalise BAS and Tax Returns quickly
  • Geoff has live visibility into his business whenever he needs from anywhere, saving Geoff from second guessing decisions.
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